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The retro feel of the shirt is intentional and the soft fabric is so comfortable! Everyone loves this shirt!


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Lost River Drive-In (11"x17" Print)

Artist: David Burk

This incredible 11"x17" print was created just for our event by artist, David Burk. (Watermarks are NOT on the actual print.) Inspired by the single line of dialogue by Nurse Janet in Halloween II, this poster shows the boogeyman "walking behind the Lost River Drive-In."

When you purchase, you will be buying this directly from the artist. $25.00 (Includes Shipping / United States orders ONLY)

NOTE: Lost River Drive-In Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener is not included in this purchase.

Enamel Pin

This soft enamel pin is the perfect memento that you can put anywhere to remember your trip to the Lost River Drive-In. Comes pinned to thick glossy backer card as shown. $12.00

FREE Lost River Drive-In Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener included with every order!

Haddonfield Times Newspaper

Dated November 5, 1978, this amazing collectible was designed to feel real. Printed full-size on actual newspaper paper, it's filled with articles about the aftermath of Michael's murder spree which fill in gaps in the movies, and expands on the storylines! You'll read about how the station wagon moved down the street to where Loomis could see it, what Mrs. Elrod had to say about her encounter with Myers, what your horoscope has to say, clip coupons, search through the Personals section, and SO MUCH MORE.

Note: Will be folded and shipped in a flat mailer.

$25.00 (You get TWO copies! One to leave out, one to save!)

FREE Lost River Drive-In Pumpkin Spice Air Freshener included with every order!

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