Q: Where is this double-feature taking place?

A: The actual theater is:

Mission Tiki Drive-In

10798 Ramona Ave

Montclair, CA 91763

For more information about the Mission Tiki Drive-In, visit their official website.

iPhone users take note! Some people have reported problems getting to the theatre when copying/pasting the address above into iPhone Maps. If you want to use iPhone Maps, type in Mission Tiki Drive-In directly into the Maps app for accurate directions. Do NOT copy/paste the address above.

Q: What time should I arrive?

A: If you arrive after 6:00pm, you must check-in at the Main Entrance (address above).

If you want to get there early to get a good space in the parking lot, arrive between 5:30pm-6:00pm and use the Service Gate Entrance:


Enter through the Service Gate located at:

4407 State Street, Montclair, CA 91763

To get to the Service Gate easily, please follow these instructions: Once you are on Ramona Ave. in Montclair, proceed to the intersection of Ramona Ave. & Dale Street, but do not turn west into the Theatre's main entrance. Instead, turn east onto Dale Street and proceed to the intersection with State Street, then turn left (West) onto State Street, and proceed under the bridge and then in about 100 yards you will enter the Theatre on your left.

Q: How does the drive-in work?

A: Click here to read all about how to enjoy the double-feature at the drive-in!

Q: How does check-in work?

A: When you arrive, just pull up your car to the Main Gate starting at 6:00pm (or Service Gate if arriving between 5:30pm-6:00pm), and mention your name. We will cross-reference your name on our Check-In list and give you your merchandise, and then you can drive onto the lot and park your car.

Q: What exactly is the Lost River Drive-In?

A: The Lost River Drive-In is mentioned in Halloween II by a character in the film. Since we're massive horror geeks, we not only wanted to organize a double-feature of the first two Halloween movies, we wanted to create the Lost River Drive-In, too! Call us crazy, but you know you like it. Join us for one night as the Mission Tiki transforms into the Lost River Drive-In from Halloween II!  When you arrive, staff will be wearing Lost River Drive-In t-shirts, and even the popcorn boxes will have the logo on them. You'll even get a full-size Haddonfield Times newspaper (dated Nov 5th, 1978) filled with articles that expand on the movies!

Q: What is included in the purchase?

A: The $59 fee (plus $2.50 processing fee) gets 1 car of up to 4 people into the event (that's $14.75 per person) and includes: tickets to both movies, and freebie exclusives you won't find anywhere else! This includes one Haddonfield Times full-size 4-page newspaper per attendee, one free popcorn per person in a Lost River Drive-In popcorn box, one pumpkin spice scented Lost River Drive-In Air Freshener per attendee, and access to a 38-minute radio show called Haddonfield Happy Hour! Michael Myers himself will also make an appearance. You will not find these freebie exclusives anywhere else!

Q: Can I purchase these premium tickets on the night of the event?

A: No. You MUST purchase your premium tickets online from this site, and the deadline is September 28th, 2019.

Q: Are physical tickets being mailed?

A: No. We are creating a Check-In list that will have your name on it, so when you arrive, just tell us your name. As a back-up, you can bring your printed receipt (the email you received when you purchased your tickets).


Q: What times are the movies screening?

Halloween starts at 7:30pm, and Halloween II starts at 9:20pm (there is a 15 minute intermission). Be sure to click here to read everything you need to know about how to have the best experience at the drive-in!

Q: What format are the movies being screened in?

A: Both films are being screened in DCP format. Simply put, a DCP is the digital equivalent of a 35mm film print. Additionally, our presentation of HALLOWEEN will be the version that was digitally restored and remastered by the film's cinematographer, Dean Cundey.

Q: Will Michael Myers himself be at the event?

A: Yes! Cosplaying as the nefarious Michael Myers since his late teens, Lito Velasco, an award-winning actor and composer, has taken his love of John Carpenter’s "Halloween" and the franchise it created to fear-inducing levels as "The Shape of Fear Cosplay". Having appeared as the "official/sanctioned" version of the iconic villain at various "Halloween"/Trancas Films events (such as DVD releases, signings, Official Conventions, fundraisers, and more) Lito's dedication to his performance- with total immersion by not breaking character -has earned him the reputation as one of the "go-to" performers for the character in Southern California. That distinction has led to him being booked for multiple "Halloween"-themed events in the greater Los Angeles area on a yearly basis, including this event as well as this year's Los Angeles Comic-Con. A trained SAG actor who has studied the walks, mannerisms, and physicality of the actors who portrayed the role, Lito brings an authenticity to his incarnations of The Shape, one that leaves an indelible impression on those who encounter him while in costume. Additionally, pictures resulting from the now-infamous "beach photoshoot" have only helped increase his notoriety as a beloved performer of one of cinema's first and greatest boogeymen. To see and learn more, visit his social media sites (Facebook and Instagram)- and while you watch the films on the night of the event, remember: HE has come home...and HE is watching you.

Q: Wasn't PJ Soles announced recently as a guest?

A: Yes, she was! However, personal appearances ​are never guaranteed, and unfortunately due to a personal conflict, she is no longer attending. She was looking forward to taking selfies with everyone but you can just catch her at another event!

Q: Do you have any other horror-themed Premium Double-Features coming up?

A: We sure do! Sign up for our mailing list below to stay updated!

Q: Do you have any other live events coming up?

A: Yes! Have you heard of SCREAMOWEEN? You can party in one of the most famous horror movie houses of all time!

Q: I still have a question.

A: Great! Contact us here and we will respond within 24 hours.

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